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IDP Reports

IDP Reports

IDP Reports

FINAL IDP BUDGET PROCESS PLAN 2024 25-08312023102637

Revised SDBIP 2022-2023

SDBIP 2019-20

Final revised SDBIP 2018-19

Final IDP BLM 2017-22

Final IDP BLM 2018-19

Bushbuckridge local municipality IDP process plan 2019-2020-6

BLM final fourth quarter performance report 2017-18

BLM final SDBIP 2018-19-1

SDBIP 2015-16 BLM Website

Final IDP BLM 2016-17-1

Notice for draft IDP

Draft BLM IDP 2014-15

SDBIP 2013-14

Notice of final IDP

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