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Executive Mayor Easter Holiday Well Wishes

13 April 2022

The thanksgiving period has once again come and coming from the most devastating times of coronavirus, it is important to note that several families will be celebrating this day without some of their loved ones especially those who were breadwinners. Most people lost their jobs and that means they'll be having nothing to celebrate with, I therefore urge members of the public to give to those with nothing at all. I'd also like to urge our motorists to be more vigilant on the road and adhere to all the rules of the road. "Do not drink and drive, buckle up and arrive alive. Our traffic officer and police officers will be visible in large numbers on all our roads including our busiest R40 road. Don't be a statistic of road carnages by avoiding the rules of the road but be an ambassador of road rules adherence. To all those who will be travelling from far back home and vice versa, I urge you to take necessary breaks after driving for longer and not catch up with fatigue. Refrain from rowdy behaviour and make our roads safe to drive on and walk on. To the pedestrians, let's all wear visible clothing especially at night, let us not drink and walk on side-ways of the road. "Don't drink 'n drive and arrive alive, may the lord of mercy bless you and your family and all your life's desires“